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Paper Wasps

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Paper WaspPaper WaspPaper WaspPaper WaspPaper Wasp NestPaper wasp

  • Paper wasps are yellow and black, with long yellow legs that hang down in flight.
  • Their nests need only slight cover from weather, and can be found under eaves, in mailboxes, umbrellas, deck railings, car door jams or barbeques, amongst other places.
  • Homeowners should be alert to wasps seen repeatedly near the same area. Inspections should be made to look for small, hidden nests.
  • Their nests have no paper wrap, on a small, single comb layer.
  • Paper wasp nest locations range from the highest gable of a house, to ground level rockeries, and may be very numerous.
  • Paper wasps sometimes overwinter in large numbers in attics and over suspended ceilings. They've been known to fly at people from above in order to sting.
  • They sting when their nests are approached.
  • Since they will reuse old nests, it's best to remove all nests, even when not in use.
  • Paper wasps are most active in warmth, and bright light conditions.


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